Self and Community Development for a Period of Orientation

Who can decide for an Orientation Time?

  • Anyone wishing to undergo a particular path of study and experience.
  • Anyone who is seeking social and community building experiences with others and has existential questions which relate to living and working with others.
  • Anyone ready to be with and care for developmentally handicapped adults.
  • Anyone willing to enter into a community's way of life founded on Anthroposophy (prayer before meals, morning circle, evening closing, artistic hour, celebrating the Christian celebrations).
  • Anyone who is to a certain degree mature and reliable, and at least eighteen years of age.


What is the goal of an Orientation Time?

To gain clarity regarding life choices and vocational goals: for example choosing a career path or training. To learn the social forms in the "Lebensgemeinschaft" and having the opportunity to practice them. To have encounters and exchanges with those who hold positions of responsibility in the "Lebensgemeinschaft". To have experience living with people in need of special care. To get to know and to deepen the Anthroposophical world view as well as single subjects such as: care giving, therapies, nutrition, diagnosis, art, home management, handwork, gardening, and farming. To get to know a healthy life rhythm and to have the possibility of developing a consciousness regarding work and free time.

Why community experience?

This orientation time is offered out of the conviction that connecting to community, especially with the presence of developmentally handicapped people, can win capacities and attitudes which positively further career paths as well as a personal lifestyles. For us trust is a primary capacity which applies in various ways to development: trust in ideas, in the world around us, and above all trust in ourselves and the people we live and work with. Further qualities that this community life requires of us are: sense of responsibility, the capacity for self motivation, logical thinking, methodical work, and concentration. Interacting with people who depend on others to be responsible for them can be an influential experience which often develops in unexpected and mysterious ways, the above mentioned qualities.

Where are orientation experiences offered?

How does it begin?

Through an application consisting of written enquiry with photograph. An orientation time is preceded by a familiarising period of at least a couple of days. It can begin at any time and can last from three months to a year.

How does it proceed?

All responsible persons, co-workers and interns live with the developmentally handicapped on the site of the living community. The participants are oriented by a person in a position of responsibility and can take part in all daily activities and practical tasks. There is place for regular work meetings. Each participant is connected to an advisory group which exists for conversations regarding individual questions and for personal assistance during the entire time of orientation. The participant will take part in previews and reviews at regular intervals and according to need. Further is offered: a course of study for spiritual scientific work, subject specific or artistic themes, individual or in groups, phenomenological observations, and artistic activities. The orientation time allows for the individual initiative of the participant, for example with regard to practical tasks, work groups and themes.

When does the Orientation Time end?

When the agreed upon period of time is completed and the participant enters his or her next living/occupational situation. When the participant through the orientation experience chooses a specific course of career or training or when the participant begins the "Lebensgemeinschaft" schooling path.


The "Lebensgemeinschaft" St. Luc * Freiheithof * Vaudésy" began in 1979 when a group of people set themselves the task of developing and practising communal life and work forms out of the spirit of Anthroposophy in such a way that also the weakest men and women, including developmentally handicapped, can live and realise their destiny. Those who wish to join can participate in the following: care giving, pedagogical and artistic activities, bio-dynamic farming/gardening, arts and crafts, business and administrative work.


There are no study fees.


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