Community and Social Threefolding

We are an initiative of people who, for over thirty years, are researching and practicing new ways of dealing with capital and joint responsibility, and who are practising a thorough joint and personal schooling - all based on the Anthroposophy and social three-folding of Rudolf Steiner. An individual schooling is offered. People with handicaps are part of the initiative.


The "Lebensgemeinschaft" began in 1979 when a group of people set themselves the task to develop and practise common life and work forms out of Anthroposophy in such a way that also the weakest men and women, including those developmentally handicapped, could fully partake in this life together and realise their destiny.


Those who wish to actively participate in these new social forms, can undergo our individualised schooling in connection with one of the following areas: care giving, pedagogical and artistic activities, bio-dynamic farming, arts and crafts, business undertakings. Also offered are a "Period of Orientation" and internships.


Feel free to contact us for more detailed information. There are French and English-speaking people among us.