The Community’s Locations

Members of the community work and live in several locations in Germany and Switzerland. The duties and responsibilities are shared across locations through an overarching collegium.



Freiheithof near Lake Constance in Southern Germany

The Freiheithof is a farm near lake Constance. Its farmland is biodynamically cultivated („Demeter“).



Vaudésy is a house in Dornach (Switzerland), 
with room for elderly members of the community, for persons in need of medical care, and for students.


Freiburg (Southern Germany), Appartment St. Georg

„Assisted living“ in two appartments in Freiburg in Southern Germany. It provides a place for short orientation stays. People may be interested because of their advanced age or because they want to get involved in a collaborative living and individual care of an elderly person. Also young people who seek a re-orientation on the basis of anthroposophy, can learn to find their individual development path. The cultural diversity of the area and the Waldorf schools nearby offer excellent possibilities for an individual and joint living.


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