Why live, study and work in a community?

Why does the Lebensgemeinschaft-community exist? Because we want to learn and practice new social forms, develop trust, take decisions jointly and find out each other's needs and support them.


The encounter with others, in the daily tasks and activities, and the interaction between the responsible members of the community, in their weekly meetings, offer an invaluable opportunity to become conscious of one’s own shortcomings and to work to overcome the forces of egoism.


We found a basis for dealing with the challenges facing mankind, in the writings of Rudolf Steiner, in which he deals with spiritual, social and economic issues, and describes a path of human self-development, which aid man, earth and the environment. We try to bring to life the wisdom of his insights in all aspects of our work and to develop (new) social forms on that basis.


Our focus centers on three fundamental areas:

  • The spiritual-cultural life: self and world knowledge through individual and joint training.
  • The rights life: joint responsibility for all rights issues.
  • The economic life: joint management of funds, money, land, property, cars

The tasks born out of these fields of activity are managed and carried out in the community as a living organism, including members in need of special care, who cannot live by themselves.


The training that we offer was conceived to give people the opportuntiy to learn and to work out such social forms and also to deepen anthroposophical issues.


The community is active in several locations in Switzerland and Germany.


Who are we?

A group of approx. 12 people of all ages (from 25 on), who joined the community for the above mentioned reasons, and mentally handicapped people, who live with us. We come from many countries and have the most varied professional backgrounds: the arts, farming, medicine, education, technology, industry.


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